Full of Hope

February 10, 2016 | Kristen Goettsch, Face It TOGETHER Featured

This week’s data drop: 33.3%.

Of Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls clients who responded, 33.3% report an increase in their hopefulness from when they first walk in the door to at least three months into receiving our services.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hope as a desire accompanied by expectation or a belief in fulfillment. A synonym of hope is expect. Hope is much more than wishful thinking. Hope is an energy that drives us forward in making meaningful change. Hope can give us something to cling to when things get tough. Having hope can be a critical aspect of a person’s journey toward getting well, or in helping a loved one through their recovery.

Throughout 2015, our clients self-reported where they were on a continuum when it came to a variety of risk factors. This data was collected to help us better understand what factors aid and hinder recovery. We collected information at the beginning of the client’s engagement with us and again every three months as they continued to participate in our face-to-face or telephone-based peer recovery coaching.

In 2015, clients reported at intake that their state of hopefulness was:

  • Excellent - 8.3%
  • Good - 70.8%
  • Average - 6.9%
  • Poor - 13.8%

One-third of the clients who took a follow-up survey reported a positive change in their state of hopefulness.

Some of our clients walk into our center for the first time feeling that there is little hope in their lives. Face It TOGETHER’s evidenced-based peer recovery coaching leads our clients to recognizing that there are options for them, that it’s ok for them to expect that they can make a change in their lives. We help them get back their hope that they can get well and stay well.

On the blog last week, our Chief Data Officer David Whitesock shared his own experience regarding the importance of hope. At Face It TOGETHER, we believe that everyone can and will get well, and that hope is a vital part of this process.