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Read our latest blog posts from our work in New Hampshire as well as news from our national partner, Face It TOGETHER.

Addiction affects all aspects of a sufferer's life. How are our clients doing when it comes to their physical wellbeing?

There are many factors that play into a person’s assessment of their own emotional health, especially with addiction. Are we helping our clients strengthen their overall emotional wellness?

We want to know if we’re meeting the needs and expectations of the people who use our services so we can help them on their path to wellness.

Addiction deeply wounds those closest to the person with the disease. We’re working to better understand how parents, spouses, siblings and children of sufferers also get well -- and the best ways we can help them do that. 

Stable housing can be a key factor in personal recovery capital. When it comes to our clients, what's their living situation? Are they renting, couch surfing or something else?

How does a client's employment status impact his or her wellness? We're working to understand more about that, among many other measures that improve overall health and wellbeing.